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5 Whitetail Deer Hunts to Pump You Up This Hunting Season

white-tailed deer hunt

These top 5 whitetail deer hunts are sure to get you pumped for this hunting season!

These top 5 white-tailed deer hunts are intense! Hunting this animal requires patience, stamina, and skill. These videos are sure to inspire you to do your best this hunting season.

1) Patience Pays Off

This hunter self-filmed the occassion and caught amazing footage. After he shoots the buck with an arrow, it takes off, but remains in view! This unique footage shows you the entire process. Check it out:

2) Enormous Buck Downed By Bow And Arrow

This is an exhilarating hunt to say the least. After stalking the buck from the ground, this hunter makes the most perfect shot and the buck goes down fast! Paired with some sweet beats...

3) 3 Day Hunt Finally Works Out

After three days of strategic placement and hunting, this hunter finally gets the right angle on the right buck and makes the shot!

4) A Doe And A Buck

Two kills on two different days out of the same stand. You can't get much luckier than that! Check this out!

5) Third Fourth Time's A Charm

"Big Boy" is finally taken down after being in bow shot four different occasions. These hunters are ecstatic!

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These whitetail deer hunts were amazing. It is not every day that great deer hunts also get caught on camera. We hope these videos got you fired up for hunting this season!

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5 Whitetail Deer Hunts to Pump You Up This Hunting Season