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5 Weird Fish Species You've Probably Never Caught

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Think of all the types of fish you typically catch down at your favorite spot. I guarantee these five weird fish aren't one of them.

In fact, I'd be surprised if you've even heard of some of these bizarre creatures.

When you think about how vast the ocean is and how secluded some parts of the world's waterways still are, it's not surprising that these unique species exist. What is shocking is to imagine the even weirder fish we haven't discovered yet.

1. Blobfish

The blobfish really does live up to its name, doesn't it? This truly weird fish lives at the bottom of the sea near Australia, but is occasionally caught in trawling nets as a by-product of finding crab.

The blobfish is a lazy creature that floats near the sea floor, gobbling up whatever happens to float by, much like that one guy that's always hanging around the mall food court. With a face like that, you'd probably be terrified to catch it anyway!

weird fish blobfish

2. Ocean Sunfish

This weird fish is nothing like the "sunnies" you're used to catching. The ocean sunfish, also known as the mola, is the heaviest bony fish in the world (sharks have cartilage instead of bones) weighing in around 5,000 pounds and measuring 10 feet long by 14 feet high. Despite their size and cumbersome appearance, the ocean sunfish can swim about the same speed as a tuna while cruising.

mola weird fish
Monterey Bay Aquarium

3. Asian Sheepshead

You're probably familiar with the freshwater sheepshead, but the Asian sheepshead is a larger fish and looks a bit different. It has protruding chin and forehead bumps that make it look more cartoon than real fish.

weird fish asian sheepshead
CS Monitor

4. Oarfish

Likely mistaken in the past for sea serpents by superstitious sailors, the oarfish is the longest bony fish in the ocean and can grow to lengths of 50 feet, according to the NOAA. They generally inhabit waters up to 3,000 feet deep, so it's pretty unlikely you've caught one of these creatures. Typically, they're only glimpsed by humans when they wash up on shore.

oarfish weird fish
GB Times

5. Candiru Catfish

You may have heard of this horror story of a fish. As a parasitic fish, it seeks streams of water that are expelled out of fish gills so it can attach itself and feed on the host's blood supply. However, there are rumors that some unfortunate humans who have urinated into South American waters while submerged have had this little catfish swim up their urethra to lodge itself there with spines and then feed on them. I sincerely hope you have not "caught" this weird fish. If you have, my deepest sympathies!

candiru weird fish
Rainforest Expeditions

Happy fishing!

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5 Weird Fish Species You've Probably Never Caught