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5 Ways Video Games Can Make You a Better Hunter

It may not be obvious, but video games can make you a better hunter.


Hunting and video games seem like opposite ends of a very large spectrum. In every way, the two seem to be complete opposites. Hunters spend time in quiet spaces surrounded by wilderness with only the sounds of nature to accompany their endeavors. Gamers spend time with the sensory overloaded world of noise, graphics, and technology.

The two have absolutely nothing in common, right? Wrong. Surprisingly, the act of playing a video game can have a positive impact on the hunting skills of open-minded hunters.

Here’s five ways playing video games can make you a better hunter.

Improve Coordination

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Video games require a high level of coordination. Every act involved in winning at gaming is dependent upon coordination, speed, and accuracy. Sound familiar? Hunting incorporates the same skill set. When playing a video game, both hands are involved, along with eyesight, hearing, and focus. There is a constant need to pay attention to the surroundings on screen and attention to detail is crucial.

Should a hunter find he or she is lacking in hand to eye coordination or having trouble focusing on the small details of game movement in the wild, practicing these skills via video games just may take care of that problem. Since coordination is a skill that needs to be used in order to keep it sharp, using a video game to hone your skills is a smart way to prepare for hunting season.

Shooting Skills

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One of the big issues hunters face is trying to keep their shooting skills at peak level. Ammunition is expensive and it can be hard to find time to get to the range for actual shooting practice. Therefore, a great way to practice the skills needed for effective shooting is to grab a video game controller and sit down for a few hours with a shooting game.

While no real weapon is involved, you can still benefit greatly from the skills it takes to master a shooting video game. For instance, you still have to aim and fire in a way that is similar to what you’ll face in a hunting situation. Your timing has to be right in order to be accurate on screen and you have to control your movement levels in order to be successful.

Improve Concentration

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Most people don’t associate concentration with gaming. Video games are rarely taken seriously and are usually considered an unproductive waste of time. However, video games actually help improve things like concentration and attention to detail. When hunting, concentration is a crucial element to success.

The only way to beat a video game or take down a nice buck is to concentrate on the elements around you and on your own role in what takes place. You have to concentrate on your weapon, your environment, the game you’re hunting, and putting it all together in order to have a successful adventure.

By advancing these skills through game play, you will find you are more likely to have greater success in the woods.


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Video games take a lot of time to beat. This is similar to hunting in that often you can go days or weeks without a successful hunt. The only way to succeed at hunting is the same way you succeed at gaming and that is by practicing perseverance. Commitment and dedication add up to perseverance in both the gaming and hunting worlds.

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It isn’t enough to hunt once or twice and hope for success. You have to be willing to commit to hunting the same place until that big buck shows up in order to enjoy the greatest level of success. The same can be said for gaming.

The Payoff

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As crazy as it may sound, the payoff from playing video games to hone your hunting skills can be tremendous. The key to hunting success is a combination of all the skills listed here and the fact that you can sharpen those skills by playing video games is remarkable when you really think about it.

Try it yourself. The next time you have a little free time on your hands, pick up a video game controller. Remember the skills mentioned here and see how many you use that can also be applied in the field. You’ll be surprised by how many hunting skills come into play.

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5 Ways Video Games Can Make You a Better Hunter