5 Ways to Carry Extra Ammo (and Have It Ready at a Moment's Notice)

What good is a gun without extra ammo?

Better have some way to carry extra cartridges or shells, otherwise you'll be fumbling or delaying what should be a smooth reload.

These five ways to carry extra ammo will keep you well armed.

1. Leather Cartridge Belt (.17/.22 rimfire)

A fine leather shell belt with loops for .17/.22 rimfire cartridges is a classic way to carry ammo on your hunting or plinking adventures. It will keep your pants up too, and you will always have your ammo with you.

2. Leather Shell Belt (Shotgun)

Need heavier firepower? Belt comes in shotgun shell sizes too. They're also available in .38/.357 and .44/.45 sizes for revolver and revolver caliber rifle fans.

3. Hytrel Medium Speedloader Case

For fans of revolvers, packing speedloaders can be a chore. Instead, purchase speedloader cases that will cure those speedloader-toting headaches. Your .357 Magnum revolver will thank you.

4. Python Double Mag Pouch

For semi-automatic pistol packers, a double mag pouch is the way to go. The above magazine pouch will hold large auto double stack magazines. Your Glock 21 magazines will ride with you easily.

5. Barska Loaded Gear VX-200 Tactical Vest, Right Handed

When you have lots of ammo to pack, why not step up to a tactical vest? Your pockets sure can't carry as much as this incredible tactical vest can. That is the ultimate way to carry lots of ammo in a comfortable way.