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5 Ways the Outdoors Make Us Who We Are

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The outdoors make us who we are. These five ways are how they have shaped us.

Do you consider yourself an outdoorsman? If you hunt, fish, trap, shoot, you name it, odds are the outdoors have shaped you as you have grown up. These five ways are how the outdoors have made us who we are.

1. We appreciate the little things

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How often do you obsess over sunsets and sunrises? We love the little things such as the sun rising and creating a beautiful picture in the sky. As an outdoorsman, the outdoors teaches us to appreciate the little things in life.

2. We're detail-obsessed

It happens to me, and I know it happens to you. As a hunter or a fisherman, we're always OCD about our hunting cloths being scent free, or our lures being organized and always in a set spot.

This usually carries over to everyday life, and we find ourselves paying attention to every little detail.

3. We crave the adrenaline rush

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The activities we participate in outside always drives an adrenaline rush. Whether it is shooting a deer, catching a big bass, or finding a big shed antler, we crave the adrenaline.

During the offseason of whatever your preferred activity is, odds are you are looking for that next thing to get that adrenaline rush. More often than not it leads to a hardcore deer hunter fishing more in the spring and summer, or a fisherman spending more time in the woods in the fall.

4. We have a deep respect for wildlife


Contrary to what many people that don't hunt or fish think, we have a great respect for the animals we shoot or the fish we catch. We spend so much time among them, they become a part of us.

Even though we harvest animals and flay fish, we do it with the utmost respect, and appreciate what they offer us.

5. We think every decision through


If the outdoors have taught us anything, it's that we meticulously think through every decision. It's something that we can't help. It's tough to just wing it hunting or fishing, and it leads to us not making quick decisions in everyday life. No matter what the occasion is, just know that when your thinking through all of your options before making a decision, it is probably because of your love for the outdoors.

The outdoors has a significant impact on who we are as people. What we do in the outdoors translates to how we live our everyday life. It shapes us, and in the end makes us who we are.


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5 Ways the Outdoors Make Us Who We Are