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5 Ways to Snag That New Gadget When You’re Strapped for Cash

Most of us have more “wants” to our hunting gadget list than our wallet will allow, but there are ways to add to your gear without breaking the bank.

Let’s be honest. We all find ourselves perusing the latest catalogs from time to time and more often than not, we discover something that we must have. That new rangefinder, decoys, or rifle is something that we just can’t live without, however last month’s credit card bill will surely keep you from having what you desire.

No worries! Here are five tips that can make that new hunting gadget a little more affordable, even free.

1. Give it Some Time

The truth is that many of our hunting purchases are likely impulse buys, pushed on us by clever marketing and “SALE” adds. The best way to get that gadget you want is to make sure you need it in the first place. I can’t claim having the self control for this one, but my wife always asks me to give it some time.

If you still want it in six months or a year, odds are you really needed it in the first place. An added bonus is that waiting can often lead to a sale of most products in the off season, so next time you want a new gadget, give it some time to make sure.

2. Buy Used

Buying used can be an excellent way to go, especially with things like firearms.  You can almost always get a deal on barely-used products. Peruse the local wanted adds and Craigslist to see if your must-have is somewhere in the bargain buys.

Tip: The best time to shop for used hunting merchandise is at the end of the season. The impulsive buyer who realized that he didn’t really need what he bought will be looking to get rid of it to be able to afford whatever is next on his list and you can reap the benefit.

3. Shop the Sales

Have a favorite store that you frequent? How about an online merchandiser of which you are a member? Keep an eye on the sales!  A lot of stores have flash sales of which you can take advantage. See if you favorite store has a membership program and don’t be afraid to give them your email address.

I’ve picked up some of my best gear after getting an email from a store that they were having a 24-hour sale. Keep an eye out, and you’ll never pay full price. Tip: Most stores have rewards programs and coupons – use them!

4. Gift Getting

This is obviously the best way to go about getting your gear. With the holidays right around the corner, make sure that your coveted gear is on your  list.

I know what you’re thinking:  “I can’t let my extended family go out and try to pick out what I want.” This is where a hunter’s best gift idea comes in: gift cards! This way you can pick out what you want and save them some time shopping.

5. Allocate a Portion of Your Paycheck

Finally, this is the most obvious choice. If you can do it for a car payment, house payment, groceries, and other necessities, you can surely do it for a new hunting toy. Go ahead and take $20 out of each check, and put it away before you ever get the chance to spend it.

Budget so that you can make it to your purchase in the near future and don’t rob from your own piggy bank. You’ll eventually make it to being able to afford your new gear, without all the buyers remorse and interest from a credit card bill.

The next time you come across something that you must have, give these simple tips a try. We guarantee they will keep you from ending up in the throws of debt.

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5 Ways to Snag That New Gadget When You’re Strapped for Cash