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5 Ways to Prepare for Spring Fishing

Here are 5 ways to prepare for spring fishing and hook more catches across the entire season.

Although winter has only just officially begun, it is never too early to start thinking about preparing for the spring thaw and the fishing opportunities that it provides. The last thing you want to be is unprepared in the event of an unexpected thaw or other unforeseen opportunity to hit the water. You also want your first spring fishing trip of the year to be a success and not deal with the problems that can arise if you didn't prepare in advance. Here are five ways to make sure you are ready to hit the water this spring.

Sharpen Your Hooks

Sharp hooks equal more consistent hook sets when a fish hits your lure. However, sharpening the hooks of their lures is something that many anglers neglect to do or never even think to do in the first place. Although hook technology and quality has come a long way in recent years, they can still become dull and that can begin to affect your fishing success. There are several different hook sharpener models available for purchase through many different outlets. The hook is your connection to the fish you are targeting and having them razor sharp is just another factor to your advantage. So spend a couple hours this winter and run all of your lures and hooks through a sharpener and you will be glad you did come springtime.

Replace Your Line

This may seem like an obvious tip, but line replacement sometimes becomes one of those chores that anglers keep putting off during the winter. However, having fresh line spooled on your reels can mean the difference between a lost fish and a landed trophy. Having a fish of any size break off because of brittle line is one of the most frustrating events that an angler can experience and the dry air of winter can really exacerbate this problem. This is especially true if you store you fishing gear in a cold garage. Investing in new line is a simple way to prepare for spring fishing season and there are almost endless options to choose from. There is sure to be a line type that is perfect for your favorite type of fishing. There are even several different tools that aid in the replacement of fishing line available. Just make sure to recycle your old line when you replace it!

Get Organized

Having an organized tackle box and gear bag can save you a lot of headaches when you are out fishing this spring. It's never any fun to dig through a messy tackle box in search of your favorite lure or another accessory you need. Plus, you always run the risk of impaling yourself on one of your newly sharpened hooks. Luckily, getting organized is a simple task and can be done at the same time that you choose to sharpen your hooks. Get your gear in order this winter and you will be a much happier angler this spring.

Scope out New Fishing Spots

Every angler has their favorite fishing spots. Those tried and true locations that always produce fish and are familiar. However, fishing new water is always a fun experience and can even lead to the discovery of a new favorite spot. Check out your state's Department of Natural Resources website for maps of lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams that you have never fished at before. There is usually information about species that can be caught at each location and other important things to know such as legal fishing hours and bag limits.

Once you have a few picked out, take a ride to each one over the winter and become familiar with them. Then come springtime, you will be able to fish some new spots and already know the lay of the land, or water. Who knows? You could hit a goldmine and enjoy some great fishing once the ice melts.

Brush Up on Regulations

In order to be fully ready to fish once the spring thaw finally arrives, take a few minutes this winter to refresh yourself on the fishing regulations for your area. These are easy to find online with a quick Internet search. It is important to stay up on the rules that can change from year to year such as bag limits and license requirements in order to make sure you aren't doing anything illegal even if it is unintentional. You can also take this time to purchase any required licenses that you need. Many states now offer easy ways to buy said licenses online, but your local tackle shop should also be able to help.

Even though the winter can seem to last forever to anglers who don't partake in ice fishing, it can be the best time to take care of these simple tasks so that when spring finally does arrive, you are prepared and ready to hit the water. So instead of spending all winter dreaming of open water and watching fishing shows on TV, get a jump on your preparations for next spring.

Have any tips of your own to prepare for spring fishing? Share them in the comments section below.

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5 Ways to Prepare for Spring Fishing