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5 Videos of Glocks Doing Their Thing

Glock, Inc./YouTube

Ever since 1963, Glock's quality handguns have been the stuff of reliable legends.

Whether you own a Glock or you're one of the few firearms owners who don't, you can appreciate just how resilient those handguns are. In fact, they're so reliable that the U.S. Army is currently deciding whether or not to replace the Beretta M9 with the Glock 19 based on a few factors.

What better way to celebrate Glock's greatness than to watch a few videos that show just how powerful and fun these handguns are? Enjoy five videos that feature Glocks doing their thing and doing it well.

1. Practice your drills with the Glock 17

Start off your range time right with a warmup drill. This one and one practice is handy to remember because it gets your brain moving and your fingertips itching for more fun.

2. Turn it up a notch

So you've got your warmup in, now let's see how many accurate rounds you can shoot quickly from the Glock 17. This guy definitely might have you beat, but hey, that's okay.

3. Full auto fun

So you're bored with your regular Glock drills, let's get into some exciting challenges, like this fully automatic Glock. Remember to follow all laws in your state, however, before you hit the range with your full auto Glock.

4. Add a responsive target

Admit it, you've always wanted to shoot into ballistic gel. What better firearm to do that with than a full auto Glock? This video will immediately convince you that a Glock should be your next purchase if you don't already own one.

5. Competition ready

Glocks are reliable, right? Of course they are. That's why so many competition-level shooters choose them.

Not only are Glocks reliable, they're also made to have a little fun. If you haven't been out to the range yet this year, be sure to head out there soon and start getting in some practice time.

Even before that, you can stop by Cabela's Shooting Park to learn all sorts of useful stuff, plus find out about the products that can help sharpen your aim and improve your mark.


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Jerry Miculek Testing the Nintendo Zapper Glock

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5 Videos of Glocks Doing Their Thing