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6 Ways Hunters Can Use a Brick in the Field [PICS]

What can an ordinary brick do for a hunter? More than you think. 

You may just walk by a brick on the side of the road and never give it a second thought. Until now. Here are five ingenious ways you can use a brick in the field.

6. Have you ever thought to use it as a pulley weight to hang your food?

When you are out in the woods you should hang your food or have bear-safe food containers. Or else you will have some unwanted visitors. You can use a brick, or two, to help weigh down the pulley system for your food bag.

Prepared Society


5. How about an improvised boat anchor?

It's no big deal if you lose the old brick to a snag in the great deep below.



4. How about a quick and easy way to sharpen a knife, hatchet, or ax?

You can use that brick in your pack that becomes your mobile grinding wheel.



3. How about a wild game meal cooked on a brick?

A brick has some great flavors...or you can use it as a weight to press down on the meat over the fire pit.

Samphire and Salsify


2. Use a brick as a warmer.

Bricks soak up heat well and will release it slowly like a big hand warmer. When ice fishing or sitting in the deer blind, sit on a small pile of pre-heated bricks. Heat them up by the stove, fireplace or the campfire.

Fire Pit
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1. Bricks make great tie downs for tarps and tents.

Anything that might blow away in the wind or flap around annoyingly, throw a brick on it.

Leah and Jonny


The uses of bricks for the hunter are only as small as the hunter can imagine. Bricks are cheap and usually can be found anywhere, even in more rural settings. Hunters, use them to your advantage!


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6 Ways Hunters Can Use a Brick in the Field [PICS]