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5 Useful Blind Hunting Tactics for Deer

Knowing how to make the most of your blind will make you more successful.


Ground blinds are very effective for deer hunting if you use them properly.

The first consideration should be size. If you cannot fit and move freely within the blind you will not be able to fool the deer. You want to be able to see easily out of the window from a comfortable seated position. This may require trying different height chairs and stools until you find the one that works best for you.

Blind hunting is a bit more risky than treestand hunting because you are on eye level with the deer. Because of this, you must take care to conceal the blind. Picking a camo pattern that closely matches the surroundings is the foundation to concealment.

You also have to be concealed from within the blind. Face paint or a face mask is a necessity when blind hunting for deer.

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Another trick is to sit in one of the back corners, furthest away from the window. This will give you more room to maneuver your firearm or bow. It also prevents you from having to poke your gun or arrow out of the window and risk getting busted by the deer.

When blind hunting, try to keep everything you do within the blind.

The blind should be placed at the maximum range you are comfortable shooting. The further away from the deer you are, the less likely you will be detected. For archers, this may be anywhere from 10-50 yards. For gun hunters, it could out to whatever range your skill level and equipment are accurate enough for.

Blind hunting is very effective for deer but is not without its own unique challenges.

Check out the slideshow to learn more.

Brush in the blind

Hunting Channel

Use natural vegetation to conceal your blind. Also take advantage of natural barriers, obstacles and terrain to further conceal the blind. You want it to blend in so well that it doesn’t attract attention.

Use a camera facing your blind

Forget the camo. Wear Black


The interior of most ground blinds is black. Wearing black clothing and face paint will make you disappear inside.

Set up well before the season

Indiana Sportsman

Set up your blind well before the season. Leave your blind anchored securely in the woods. The deer will get used to it and begin to ignore it after a week or so.

Watch the windows


Only open the windows you need. Consider the wind direction and sun direction. You don’t want to be back-lit in the blind.

Enjoyed that slideshow? Check this one out.

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5 Useful Blind Hunting Tactics for Deer