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5 Toys Every Hunter Had as a Kid

Even when we were young, our toys reflected who we are as hunters. Here are five toys from our youth all hunters remember.

We had other toys also that showed our interests in the outdoors, but these five make the list.

Red Ryder BB Gun


Gun Auction

We did not shoot our eye out, but we had our first hunting gun, and usually it was a Red Ryder. You can't forget the memories made while hunting tin cans and European starlings, pigeons and assorted vermin. We were on the fast track to becoming real hunters!

G.I. Joe


Needless Essentials Online

G.I. Joe action figures embodied everything that we wanted to own one day. Tools, guns and cool action gear? Like Snake Eyes here, they had all the greatest stuff!




Transformers were all the rave! I was in the first Transformers generation of toys, and Megatron was one of the most sought-after characters. It was essentially a robot that turned into a realistic gun! It just didn't get any better than that!

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Lincoln Logs


Rebecca Writes

Playing with Lincoln Logs gave us the dream to build a real log cabin in the woods, a dream that still rings true in our minds today. Many of us have built the real thing since, and those who haven't still wish they could escape to a cabin or lodge built of wood, like the real thing. It was a great educational toy.

Cap Guns


Nichols Cap Guns

We played with non-politically friendly cap guns all the time. They rarely had anything orange and they were somewhat realistic, but alas, it was a different time...

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5 Toys Every Hunter Had as a Kid