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5 Things to Remember When Predator Hunting [PICS]

Hunting the hunter is a major accomplishment. 

Predator hunting requires a whole new perspective, strategy and approach when compared to typical game hunting. When you can actually say you hunted the hunter, you’re accomplishing a pretty big feat.

These five tips will help you bag that predator!

5. When starting to call any given area, start at a lower volume and then work up if nothing comes in shortly. Calling loudly at first will scare any close range game.

Bald eagles feeding at Tule California on February 8, 2009.

4. Watch your wind! Predators will try to get downwind of you to make the approach and get the edge. Beat them at their own game.

Massanutten Game Trails

3. Full camouflage. Yes, there are times you can bag predators without the full camo, but take this tip: suit up head to toe with a good camouflage that matches your area well.

Kings Outdoor World

2. Set up your calling area in a defensive pattern. Do not be taken by surprise when a predator pops out from behind the tree you are calling from. It could be even worse, a bear or cougar. Plan accordingly.

mountain lion

1. Hunt with a partner to watch your 6 o’clock. In this set up, you both can hunt a full 360 degree area and have no surprises. 

Rolling Plains Adventures


Use these tips on your next predator hunt, whether it be fox, coyote, wolf, bear or cougar, and good luck out there; be ready for some fast shooting!

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5 Things to Remember When Predator Hunting [PICS]