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5 Tips for Finding the Perfect AK47


Finding the perfect AK-47 can be difficult. Check out these five tips for finding a flawless AK platform.

Outfitting your firearm to your standards is the most important rule of owning one. No matter what facets of usage you’re looking to get out of your AK47, understanding the platform’s foundation is a must. Below are five basic tips to help you get there.

The first thing that you should check on an AK47 is the front sight gas post. Make sure that the front sight post is indeed centered to the rifle and not canted left or right. Be sure that the muzzle brake is able to be removed so that you can check the threading. Make sure that the detent pin that locks the compensator is freely moving up-and-down so that you can check the threads within the muzzle brake.

The second most important step in checking for a solid AK47 is to check the rivets on the trunnion assembly. Make sure that the rivets are not struck inappropriately or are loose, bent, or are falling out.

Be sure that the gas tube is indeed fitted and not bent. The gas tube is under the upper wood hand guard. Also take care that the gas tube post is indeed centered on the rifle and not bent left or right from looking down the center of the rear sites.

The fourth step is to look at the edges of the trunnion and also the rails where the bolt carrier group will be traveling. Make sure there are no burrs, dents, or serrations that will stop a smooth forward and back motion and could potentially cause malfunctions as a rifle is being used.

The fifth step would be to check to make sure that your magazines fits appropriately. The magazines should fit and have very little to no waffle whatsoever while seated in the trunnion. If there is wobble or you can clearly see that the magazine does not fit, then you should not purchase the rifle. You will have feeding issues that will be very difficult to manage after the purchase has been completed.

AK47s were primarily designed to be assembled from stamped receivers. Milled receivers are a more contemporary version of the AK47 and while they are sturdier they normally tend cost dramatically more than the stamped version. Stay vigilant, and keep training.

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5 Tips for Finding the Perfect AK47