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5 Helpful Tips for Concealed Carry Draws [VIDEO]

Deploying your firearm in the fight quickly enough can make all the difference.

We train how to put lead on target accurately. We go over trigger control and sight picture. We practice our reloads to make sure we can top off our guns at speed. But how often do you train your draw stroke?

Do you know how to handle drawing from concealment with a light weight shirt or jacket? What are some of the things you should avoid when drawing from concealment?

Here is Instructor Zero to explain some things every concealed carrier ought to know.

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Instructor Zero and Funker Tactical bring us five tips on concealed carry draws that we may have never thought about. Zero shows us the techniques of the fast draw and shares his thoughts about a good balance between speed and accuracy on the first shot after extraction.

He explains some important scenarios that every concealed carrier should think about when carrying.

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5 Helpful Tips for Concealed Carry Draws [VIDEO]