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5 Tips for Choosing and Using the Right Deer Decoy

Here’s what to do when trying to figure out the right deer decoy use.

5. Consider callingWhile there are certainly hunters out there who don’t buy into the idea of using decoys during deer hunting season, you can’t deny that a well-placed decoy can catch a buck or doe’s attention and bring them right into your firing range.

Here are 5 tips you should follow when it comes to choosing and using the right deer decoy for your hunt.

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1. Consider the season timing

Optimally, the time of the season should be the number one consideration when it comes to deciding which decoy you take into the field. Think about the activity deer will be immersing themselves in and prepare accordingly.

2. Consider your state’s hunting season dates

Of course, seasonal timing still remains a concern, but if your state only really allows hunting during the peak rut, that fact is naturally going to change your plans a bit when it comes to using decoys.

3. Consider your own hunting style

If you prefer to set up temporary blinds, you may want to consider a two-dimensional decoy. If you’re a patient treestand hunter, a fully realized 3D model will likely be your decoy choice.

4. Consider mechanical decoys

Check your state’s laws, regulations, and guidelines to see if your decision has already been made for you, but you might want to think about letting movement help out.

5. Consider calling

Often, a decoy is only as effective as the calls you use along with it. Call sounds that match your decoy really do a lot to sell the entire package, and can ultimately make a huge difference in whether or not your decoy works as a magnet for bucks.

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5 Tips for Choosing and Using the Right Deer Decoy