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5 Tips for Beginner Female Hunters [PICS]


Being a female in a primarily male sport can be challenging, but these few tips can boost your confidence.

Walking through the doors of a hunting camp can be an intimidating situation for any female. Add to that situation being a new huntress who doesn’t have much experience or know the lingo. That moment comes with high anxiety and insecurities.

Situations like this can deter women from exploring the world of hunting. Many men learn to hunt from a very early age but, because female hunting is a relatively new idea, women today often join the hunting scene later in life.

Keep these five tips in mind to help your hunt and boost your confidence.

1. Do Your Research

Hunting License
Facebook/NC Wildlife Resources Commission

If you are going to participate in a sport, you need to know the rules, regulations and how things work. Visit your local wildlife website to look up the seasons and the limitations within the seasons. Go to YouTube and watch videos and tutorials of people who have experience. Take the hunter safety courses offered by your state and other hunting-related classes that may further your knowledge.

2. Know Your Equipment

Shot Gun
Flickr/Keith Riley-Whittingham

Whether you hunt with your grandpa’s hand-me-down shotgun or a brand new out-of-the box rifle, you will want to know what you’re working with. Practice your shot at a local shooting range to make sure you know how it aims, how it shoots, and how it kicks.

Learn the ins and outs of your weapon. Know how to load, unload, clean and care for your equipment.

3. Ask Questions


No one knows everything about everything. How did you learn about math in school? You asked questions! You can’t learn, correct and grow without asking questions.

Some things in hunting are better experienced and taught in the field than they are read in a textbook or magazine. So, get hands on, find people to show you how and never be afraid to ask a question.

4. Be Prepared

Flickr/Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Preparation is key for all parts of hunting. Be sure your gun is loaded, your truck is packed, and your hunting license is with you. Beyond preparing your equipment, prepare yourself for what happens after the hunt.

If you weren’t raised around hunting, the sight and feeling of your first kill may be overwhelming. Be ready for the adrenaline and excitement that comes with the hunt!

5. Be Yourself

Eva Shockey
Facebook/Eva Shockey

Don’t walk into a group of seasoned, male hunters trying to be “one of the boys”. Instead, stay true to yourself. If you like to have pink on your camouflage, wear it proud! If you like traditional camouflage, that’s great too! You may be a girl, but even though you share the same interest as the guys doesn’t mean you can’t bring your own personality and femininity into the mix.

Stay confident, ladies, and fill those tags!

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5 Tips for Beginner Female Hunters [PICS]