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5 Times CCW Holders Saved the Day

CCW holders to the rescue!

Some people may believe that a concealed to carry weapon is the problem in today's crime rate, when in fact, it is just the opposite. Despite what beliefs some may have, there is proof that a concealed weapon can be the solution.

This day and age crime can pop up unexpectedly and these people were ready to fight back.

1. Goodlettsville, Tennessee

On June 22, 2016, a woman defended herself against an abusive ex-boyfriend with the use of a legal concealed firearm. While away from her home, which coincidently was where an installation of an alarm system was underway, her ex-boyfriend slipped into her home in anticipation to harm her.

Although she had a restraining order against him, which he violated three times, he still had the inclination to try to get her. But this time she gave him a run for his money with a few bites of lead.

A restraining order is just a threat written on a piece of paper, while a firearm is a promise.

2. Waynesboro, PA

On June 20th, 2016 a pharmacy almost fell victim to an armed robbery. If it weren't for a customer who happened to be a CCW holder, things may have took a turn for the worst.

A man sporting a ski mask and an aggressive demeanor entered the pharmacy armed and demanding drugs and money. Little did he know that a customer inside the pharmacy, who was also armed, felt as if their life was extremely threatened and proceeded to draw their gun and fire in self defense.

After being shot, the other patrons of the pharmacy were able to subdue the perpetrator and get the police involved.  If that brave customer didn't have a firearm themselves, all the staff and patrons inside the pharmacy could have been fatally injured.

3. Los Angeles, California

After a breakup, we all try to one up what we had before. And a Los Angeles woman got to see firsthand just how much she upgraded. When the woman and her ex-boyfriend involved themselves in a dispute between one another, things took a scary turn.

The ex stabbed the woman during the dispute and to her luck, her current boyfriend, who happened to be a CCW holder, was nearby. Coming to her rescue, he open-fired upon the ex and ended up sending him to the hospital in critical condition.

4. Dallas, Texas

A store owner had to protect his business late-night, early morning June 8th, 2016. The business owner happened to live above his store and was woken up by the sound of four burglars trying to ransack his store downstairs.

With his legal registered handgun the storeowner fired at the four men, causing them to run to their car where they escaped. Later that night one of the robbers were admitted to the hospital suffering from gunshot wounds. The hospital proceeded to call the police and now the criminal will be charged if and when he recovers from critical condition.

5. Little Rock, Arkansas

A woman on June 2nd, 2016 defended herself against an armed robber with the use of her concealed to carry weapon. The woman was in her car playing with her dog, when the suspect came up to her car armed and demanded her to give him everything.

Fortunately this woman happened to be a CCW holder and was able to grab her gun and shoot through the window at the man. When the suspect tried to escape the scene she trailed him, while on the phone with the police. They were not able to catch the man, but she sure did make him think twice.

Some people may not see guns as a solution, but a problem. But I know I'd rather fight fire with fire, than fight fire with paper.


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5 Times CCW Holders Saved the Day