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5 Things You Were Told About Owning a Gun That Are Dead Wrong

There are things we are told, mainly by the media, that are very untrue of the gun owner.

Here are the five things we have been told about owning a gun that are dead wrong.

5. Owning a gun will turn you into some Wild West outlaw.

To legally own guns, the owner has to have a crime-free past, and continue to do so, or the rights are stripped from you.

Daily Mail


4. Guns are dangerous. 

What is in your garage right now? An ax, maybe a chainsaw? Are they going to wake up one day and attack you? No. Neither is a gun.

It is an inanimate tool made for a purpose, just like a knife, ax, or chainsaw; if misused it can cause injury by user error.

Ban guns? How about first banning everything in the household that can be used for weapons by criminals? Impossible. How do visitors of gun shows survive with all of those guns around?

New York Times


3. Ammunition will blow up in a fire.

Wrong again. In a test video made by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI), sporting ammunition burns, not explodes in house fires. It does not create dangers for firefighters or first responders.

Gun Safe Review Guys


 2. People who own guns are right-wing conservatives with ties to militia groups to overthrow the free world. 

In reality, we are people from all walks of life, job fields, political and religious ideology, race, gender, you name it! We all are tied to our Constitutional right to protect our family and our homes from the criminal element that is present in every society.



1. If guns were banned, there would be no shootings.

The current news in Europe has dispelled this rumor. It is sad to see un-armed citizens gunned down by terrorists while pleading for their lives.

Front Page Mag

Stereotypes can be harmful and gun stereotypes are some of the worst ones out there. Try to break this stigma and educate someone today!

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5 Things You Were Told About Owning a Gun That Are Dead Wrong