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5 Things to Remember While Hunting With the One You Love

Photography by Jamie Brown

Don’t forget these pointers for when you’re hunting with your significant other.

Hunting trips always result in good stories and great memories. Memories and stories are even better when created with your significant other.

Hunting can be a vacation for those who participate in the sport. It is an activity that can be done alone or with friends and family. There are times when hunting trips are made into a guy’s getaway and there are other times where couples take the opportunity to do it together. Here are some tips for you to consider for your next hunting trip with your significant other.KCHO-mrec

1. Include one another with the planning

It’s easy to get excited about going hunting. The season has a strict schedule and time is of the essence. Planning is important prior to the big day. Include one another when finalizing plans and making decisions. Doing so will create a sense of partnership, pride and will ultimately position your trip in a positive direction.

2. Recognize each other’s strengths and weaknesses 

Nothing can start an argument faster than not living up to someone’s expectations. Be sure to play on your significant other’s strengths and be patient with their weaknesses. We often think that if we are good at something then it should also come easy to others. Having an understanding about what your significant other is capable and comfortable with prior to the hunting trip may make a difference between an enjoyable time or a regrettable time.

3. Make it a date 

This may sound cheesy, but no matter the stage your relationship is in, a hunting trip is the perfect backdrop for a date. If your relationship is in its beginning stages, it is a nice time to continue to get to know one another. If your relationship is more advanced, such as married with children, take the time during the hunt to rekindle that spark.

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4. Take pictures

Most, if not all, pack a camera with them on their hunt. However, the camera is only pulled out when they have killed their animal. Be sure to take time to capture the moments with your significant other. Whether it be taking pictures of the scenery, photos of you together via the camera timer, or a selfie; being among the great outdoors offers the best backdrop. Go on and make memories.

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5. It’s not always about the kill

Sometimes the task at hand clouds our vision. Concentration is only focused on the pursuit of finding the animal that is just right. We may be neglecting to take the time to truly revel being out in nature. Remember that hunting is not always about the kill. Particularly when you are with your significant other, take time to experience the process by enjoying the journey.

Some may cringe at the thought of going hunting with their partner in life but if you are one of those people then trying a hunting trip with your significant other may surprise you. It will not only strengthen your relationship but you may also find yourself truly enjoying the person you love doing the thing you love.

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5 Things to Remember While Hunting With the One You Love