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The Only 5 Things You Need to Everyday Carry

What items should be included in your everyday carry arsenal?

When headed out the door each day, most people grab their phone, keys, and a wallet or purse.

While it’s an almost subconscious task for most, outdoorsman, survivalists, and preppers often put much more thought into deciding what are the best things to every day carry, or EDC, maintaining a balance of what you might need while keeping it as light and efficient as possible.

Here’s our list of the only five things you will need on an everyday basis.


Most people have these on them at all times – in fact, some people you couldn’t get them away from their phones if you tried. Be warned, relying too heavily on your phone in the backcountry can be dangerous.

However, for everyday carry, a phone can be a lifesaver in the event of an emergency. If you have some spare time alone with your phone, the Internet and a myriad of apps are always helpful for brushing up on your survival and outdoor knowledge.

Folding Knife

Anyone who has spent any lengthy amount of time outdoors knows the importance of a knife, from cutting food and kindling to just passing the time by whittling. But a small folding knife can also be incredibly useful in our everyday civilized life, opening stubborn packages and boxes or cutting rope.

If you don’t conceal carry or your state or area doesn’t allow it, it can even be a last-ditch self-defense tool. While a knife is a tool, some also see it (rightfully or not) as a weapon, so be respectful of when and how you display and use it. Check out our list of knives available for purchase here.

Survival Bracelet with Firestarter

If you don’t wear one yourself, you’ve probably seen survival bracelets made from paracord around, and regardless on your feelings on them as a fashion statement, they do have some major EDC benefits.

A piece of paracord can be great for repairing something in a pinch and has several other emergency uses. Many allow you to add accessories to the bracelet, such as a compass or even a simple fishing kit. We especially like this model, which comes with a basic firestarter – the combination of which could literally be a lifesaver in certain situations.


Sure, there’s the light on your phone and even some flashlight apps, but if you have a blackout at home or drop something in a dark room or at night, you’re going to find that tiny LED painfully inadequate compared to a real physical flashlight.

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Having a quality flashlight on a camping trip is essential, but throw a small one like those found in our online store on your keychain or in your pocket, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised and how much you use it to fit a key in a lock or keep from stumbling on a walk at night. You’ll also preserve the battery on your phone, which you may desperately need for something else.


Nowadays most people use their phone to check the time, but having a traditional watch definitely has its uses. Unlike a phone, you don’t have to worry about battery life near as much just to know what time it is. Many find a watch is overall more convenient to monitor time as well, especially if your hands are full with a busy task. If you have an analog watch, you can even use it as a compass during the daytime. Most EDC watches are nothing fancy, but aim for something water resistant and as durable as possible so your watch can survive everything you can.

Overall you’ll find just these five items won’t weigh you down but will help take a load off your mind. Did we forget something?

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The Only 5 Things You Need to Everyday Carry