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5 Things You May Not Know About Body Armor

Take a quick trip through the history of body armor and the cutting edge technology that will make it even better. talks military body armor and how it has improved over the last 100 years in this quick history with a look into future developments.

From the trenches of World War I to today’s modern battlefields, body armor has significantly improved over a century. Using more lightweight materials and practical designs, it has played an increasingly important role in protecting soldiers. In turn, those advances were also adopted by law enforcement to protect their officers on duty.

Today’s protection has greatly improved the survivability of troops in modern war, and injuries that would have almost always been lethal are now absorbed by soft body armor, plates, eye protection and helmets.

With the emergence of exoskeleton technology, and a future that will see enhanced armor with powered suits, protection will increase. This will give soldiers an increasing edge over less technologically capable enemies in the decades to come.



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5 Things You May Not Know About Body Armor