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5 Things to Help You Maintain River Etiquette


With spring around the corner, people will flock to the water soon. It’s important to know and practice proper river etiquette. 

The nation’s waters appeal not only to anglers, but hikers, campers, and rafters alike. With all these people heading to the water, it’s imperative to know your river etiquette.

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Study the list below and don’t be “that guy.”

1. Be ready to go before you get to the water

Make sure your gear is in order and everything is properly inflated to reduce clogging up the access point. Do the same when unloading. Park your boat away from the ramp until the trailer is ready.

2. Mind your manners around kids



Families like to frequent rivers, lakes, and ponds, so be mindful of profanity and alcohol usage in front of young children. Be sure to dress appropriately, and if you have a dog, keep it under control at all times.

3. Be prepared to encounter others on the water

Stay vigilant for others using the river, pond, or lake. Don’t crowd fishing holes or block the path of others who may want to pass you on the water.

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4. Respect the land along the river



Much of the land adjacent to the river could be privately owned, and it’s important to treat it as such. Don’t portage in areas you’re unsure about. Stop only at designated areas.

5. Practice ‘leave no trace’ river etiquette 

Keep these places clean to maintain preservation. By doing so, you can make sure these areas stay pristine and untouched for future generations.

Practice these rules and share the gift of rivers with everyone you meet.

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5 Things to Help You Maintain River Etiquette