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5 Things You Can Tell a New Hunter That They Never Knew Before [PICS]

New hunters have an uphill battle to learn products and tricks of the trade. We can help.

Our job as seasoned veteran hunters is to help these new hunters where we can.

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Here are some things a new hunter probably has no idea about and we are happy to share.

1. Butt Out 2 Plug

What the heck is that scary-looking contraption? Any guesses? Well, it is the Butt Out 2 plug. This "plug" lives up to its name due to the fact that you put it into your harvested deer's posterior end before field dressing. This keeps the contents from the intestines from leaking out all over while you are working on your deer. Feces and urine, along with stomach acids will ruin your meat.


2. Game Zipper

On this hunting knife, what is that sharp hook for? That is sometimes referred to as a "game zipper." It is used to open up a game animal's stomach and avoid puncturing the internal organs. This keeps the meat happy and the hunter with a tasty meal.

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3. Harvesting Game

When game is harvested, clean or at least field dress your trophy and remove internal organs. Open up the chest cavity and let the meat cool. Get the meat cooled as soon as possible, keep it clean and free from debris. The meat will be gourmet-quality if you follow those simple steps.


4. Game Calls

Calling game to the hunter may be a surprise to newer hunters that think the hunt is but a chase. It is actually like a game of chess, and game calls play a big part in the strategy.

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5. The GhostBlind

GhostBlinds are foldable blinds that use mirrors to camouflage the hunter. Who would have ever thought?



There are many other things the new hunter will learn but that is half the fun. Even seasoned hunters learn something new on every trip into the woods.

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5 Things You Can Tell a New Hunter That They Never Knew Before [PICS]