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5 Things to Avoid When Choosing a Survival or Hunting Knife [VIDEO]

Consider these 5 things before you choose a survival hunting knife.

Picking a knife for a camping or hunting trip is crucial. Knives are essential tools for any hunting or survival situation and picking just one can be difficult.

This video gives an opinionated breakdown of various knives and many things to consider before making a selection.

If you’re not a knife junkie, this video will be very informational and give new insight to hunting and survival knifes. It may even help you in choosing a survival or hunting knife.

At the end of the day, one knife is made to do everything, but some knives perform tasks better. In a perfect world, you could carry as much gear as you want, but trekking up a mountain is challenging enough. So carrying five extra knifes for every occasion isn’t the most efficient.

The guy in the video makes an interesting point regarding celebrity knives or products in general. Is the knife really that good or does the celebrity just carry that much authority regarding the specific topic?

So the next time you select a knife, remember the factors mentioned in the video.

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5 Things to Avoid When Choosing a Survival or Hunting Knife [VIDEO]