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5 Terrifying Shark Attacks Caught on Camera

shark attacks caught on video

All filmed on a GoPro, these videos captured five horrifying examples of real-life shark attacks.

If you're afraid of big, mean sharks, then this video of shark attacks is definitely not for you.

However, if shark attacks are your thing, this compilation will deliver five stunningly violent shark encounters for your enjoyment and perusal.

In that first video, you could hear the air hissing out of the boat as the shark attacked its hull. Luckily, the craft had other means of staying afloat.

Did you see what happened to that guy in the fourth video? That shark was chasing his kayak aggressively and showed no signs of letting up.

After watching thus video, you might be a bit more apprehensive about shark attacks, but chances are, the ocean in your neck of the woods is safe.

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5 Terrifying Shark Attacks Caught on Camera