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5 Survival Lessons from ‘The Walking Dead’ [VIDEO]

Daryl & Rick from 'The Walking Dead'

Master these survival lessons from ‘The Walking Dead’ and increase your odds of navigating the end of civilization.

The zombie apocalypse may not be coming (or is it?), but you can still prepare yourself just in case.

The trailer for the next season of ‘The Walking Dead‘ was recently released and highlights five principles of what it takes to make it through.

And now, on with the lessons:

1. Weapons that don’t require bullets are still effective

In addition to being loud and giving away your location, guns also require bullets.

When the system goes down and resources are in high demand, laying hands on rounds would get difficult. Carrying them could be cumbersome too.

Michonne’s katana and Daryl’s crossbow have high reusability value, are easily carried and look tough too.

Though they require a more up close and personal touch, their quiet operation makes them great for covert defensive operations.

2. Survival is a mental exercise

Stories of people successfully surviving after being stranded correlate with their ability to keep their wits about them. The high stress of fighting for your life stretches a person’s ability to make sound decisions.

Those who can navigate the stress and continue to make sound decisions are more likely to live. The characters on the ‘The Walking Dead’ who have been pushed to their breaking point and withstood have come out stronger people. Those who caved…zombie food.

 3. A group will always seek a leader

It’s human nature to look for someone to take charge…even if they’re not so good (like the Governor).

The trick is choosing the most qualified person with the strongest character, someone who is committed to making the right call. Ultimately, the group will take on characteristics of whoever is in charge, making the selection that much more critical.

Every group we’ve seen so far in ‘The Walking Dead’ has fared as well as their leader allowed them. Pick one that won’t host a “Bob-ecue.”

4. Conflict will happen

Group members will have differences of opinion, but it’s important that a consensus is built to ensure that though not everyone loves a choice, they can at least live with it.

Dynamics between individuals can break a team quicker than natural conditions like extreme temperatures or hunger. How conflict is managed makes all the difference. The decision to go to Washington D.C. was widely supported and though Rick had misgivings, he gave in for the sake of unity.

5. Influence or be influenced

Rick’s band has seen horrific sights (like Terminus) and lived through difficult scenarios. Even so, they strive to maintain their integrity despite the demands of the harsh world they live in.

Remaining who you are puts you in a position to be an influencer, rather than someone who is changed and compromises their character. If you survive, you’ll want to be able to live with yourself and the choices you made

Thankfully we’re not living day to day avoiding the undead or marauding groups of criminals, but being prepared for difficult times is just like having an insurance policy.

Far-fetched as it may be, ‘The Walking Dead’ can teach us a few things about survival without the mess of having to dispatch rotting zombies ourselves. Maybe this next season will prove me wrong, but as a bonus sixth lesson, I suggest always listening to Rick.

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5 Survival Lessons from ‘The Walking Dead’ [VIDEO]