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5 Surprising Ways Hunting Can Improve Your Relationship

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Instead of focusing on how hunting hurts your relationship, here are five ways hunting can improve it.

When only one person in a relationship hunts, it can cause problems. The other partner feels left out, alone and frustrated every time the hunter leaves on a trip. Some people go as far as calling it a mistress or talking about a hunting affair.

Well, it's time to stop focusing on the negative ways hunting can impact your relationship and instead, focus on the positive. There are many great benefits of being in a relationship with a hunter. Here are five surprising ways hunting can improve your relationship.

1. Alone Time

Everyone can benefit from a little alone time. For hunters, the woods and field are a place of solitude that helps to decompress and let go of stress. While he's out hunting, find your own way to relax. Take a long bath, get your nails done or read a book. Whatever it is that helps you slow down, do it. Pretty soon, you'll start looking forward to hunting trips that last all weekend.

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2. Time Apart

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it's true. When a couple spends the majority of their free time together, sometimes it's nice to have some time apart. Hunting gives you the opportunity to spend time with the friends you haven't seen in ages or have that weekend with your mom she keeps bugging you about. Either way, a little time apart makes you appreciate each other more when you're back together.

3. Learn Something New

If one partner is a hunter and the other is not, it gives you a prime opportunity to learn something new. Give hunting a try, spend some quality time together in the outdoors and who knows, you may have found a new passion. Even if hunting's not for you, learn to find some aspects of it you enjoy. Maybe it's the fresh meat he brings home, or maybe it's the tranquility of the woods. Either way, find something you like so that once in awhile, you can join him on a hunt.

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4. Get Healthy

At first glance, one might not think hunting is a physical sport, but in reality, it is. You hike over mountains, trek through swamps and can easily put in miles in one day. You not only haul the extra weight of a gun with you everywhere you go, but you also drag a large mammal out of the woods. Hunting keeps you healthy. Be glad your partner has a passion for something that keeps him fit and in shape, that's less time he has to spend in the gym.

5. Providing

It's natural for both men and women to want to provide for the person they care about. When your partner goes hunting, don't think of it as being selfish. Instead, focus on what he's doing for you. By going hunting, he's able to provide for those he loves and that makes him feel accomplished. Next time he gets home from a hunting trip, give him a hug and a "thank you" instead of a cold shoulder.

By changing your perspective just a little bit, and opening up your thoughts to seeing the positive, you learn how hunting is good for your relationship. From now on, you'll look forward to hunting season as much as your partner.


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5 Surprising Ways Hunting Can Improve Your Relationship