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5 Reliable Ways to Make an Angler Mad

make an angler mad

Want to make an angler mad? Do any of these five things.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to make an angler mad (you don’t want to know what you’ll be on the hook for if you do). But if you are a fisherman, you will relate to these five offenses. These happen on the water and could all be easily prevented.

1. Cut Them Off

Here’s how you do this. So, you see the angler you want to frustrate fishing far down a bank, and there’s not a boat in sight. You then come in with your outboard screaming down the lake and start to slow down. Next, of course, pull right in front of the other angler and start fishing. This is something that will upset the most patient angler.

2. Get Too Close

make an angler mad

Step two to making your chosen angler mad: get close, and keep getting closer. So close you could cast or pitch a jig right into the coffee the other person is drinking on their boat. If you can read this shirt, you are way too close.

3. Be a Jetskier or Inattentive Boater

Not all jetskiers and pleasure boaters are bad. Just the ones who drive right over where you’ve just casted. They may believe that fisherman just drop their baits straight down, and the concept of casting and retrieving may be foreign to them. Still, this is a surefire way to make an angler mad.

4. Cast Over Them

This one can be done by another boat or even within the same boat. Crossed lines can lead to tangles and possibly much worse, a lost fish. Be mindful of other anglers and watch where you cast!

5. Catch One Right in Front of Them

Ever watch someone catch one from right where you just fished? This is going to make you mad or frustrated, possibly both. It happens all the time, but it still stings when it happens to you.


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5 Reliable Ways to Make an Angler Mad