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5 Things Guaranteed to Make a Hunter Mad

These five things are sure to fire up any hunter out there.

When you're a hardcore hunter, it takes quite a bit to make you mad. Like, truly mad. But there are a few things that really get me going. How about you?

1. Missing trail cameras

There's nothing quite like going into the woods to check a trail camera, and poof: it's gone like the wind. I'm sure we've all been there (if you haven't, you've lucked out). I will never understand how people can walk in the woods and steal a trail camera, but trail camera thieves are out there, and they are a surefire way to make any hunter mad.

2. Want to use my stand?

It's opening morning of deer season. You are beyond excited and headed into the stand. You love the challenge of hunting public land, BUT nothing is more irritating than arriving at the stand you hung and finding somebody sitting in it. I know on public land, anybody can technically sit in any stand, but it's an unwritten rule that if you see a stand up, you try to give the hunter some space and find somewhere else to sit.

3. This is my spot

Staying on the public land theme, some people feel that they're entitled to a whole big chunk of woods because they hunted it last year. They will tell you that you can't hunt a certain area. Well, I still try to be respectful as possible, but just because someone hunts a 40-acre chunk of public land doesn't mean they own it.

4. Trespassers

You work so hard on the property that you manage year round. It's the first week of November, and you're set up in your favorite rut pinch point. You hear a few leaves rustling off in the distance and instantly grab your bow. All of a sudden, it appears, and it's... some guy still hunting your property. There isn't much worse out there than a trespasser, and it makes me about as mad as anything.

5. Anti-hunters messing with you

I want to start off by saying I don't dislike all anti-hunters. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. What irritates me (and hunters in general) is when those anti-hunters mess with your stuff. I've known guys who've had decals on their truck that signify they are a hunter and subsequently had their tires punctured while they were out hunting. I've heard of anti-hunters walking into the woods on opening day, looking for deer hunters in treestands, and then stomping all around to intentionally messing up their hunt. Hard not to get mad when this happens!

At the end of the day, as hunters, we don't want to get angry and we don't like being mad. But these five things are a surefire way to make us mad anyway.

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5 Things Guaranteed to Make a Hunter Mad