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5 Summer Camps You Wish You Went to as a Kid

summer camps

The summer camps of today aren’t exactly like the traditional ones we remember.

The days of traditional summer camps are almost a thing of the past. Instead of spending weeks with your bunk mates singing camp fire songs and doing traditional outdoor activities camps today have become very specialized.

There is literally a camp for just about any type of kid from fishing to computer coding. Here are five awesome summer camps that will make you wish you were a kid again.

1. Florida Fantasy Fishing Camp

fishing camp

If you were as obsessed with fishing as you are now as a kid then the Florida Fantasy Fishing Camp would have been perfect for you.

This summer camp has numerous options available with both onshore and offshore fishing as well as scuba diving, paddle boarding, and kayaking. They offer everything from a day class to up to two weeks of intense fishing to keep kids busy and passionate about fishing.

The fishing trips are guided by professional boat captains who teach proper knot tying, cast netting, and more. You will also attend lessons taught by both marine biologist and FWC officers on boat safety and wildlife.

A one week camp is $1,450 and two weeks at $2,800.

2. Zombie Nerf Camp

Thanks to shows like ‘The Walking Dead’ zombies have become wildly popular in today’s society. Now there is a camp the kid in all of us wants to attend where you can learn to survive a zombie apocalypse if the time ever comes.

At the Zombie Nerf Camp in Waltham, MA kids not only get to spend their days blasting zombies with Nerf guns, but learn valuable life skills as well. Campers learn basic first aid to treat their “battle wounds”, human biology to best target zombie weak spots, history lessons on civilization so we can rebuild humanity, and much more.

Campers can be registered to participate in one week for $1,495 or two weeks for $2,495.

3. Bear Grylls Survival Summer Camp

summer camps

If the Bear Grylls Survival Camp would have been around when I was a kid I would have begged my parents to go.

This camp was designed by Grylls himself and is located in the Catskill Mountains. Here there is no cell service and no big cities near to distract you from your goal of surviving the elements.

Teens will learn from certified instructors the art of building shelters, fires, trapping, food foraging, and more in a simulated survival situation. One of the coolest things this camp offers is the chance to repel down high waterfalls and learn how to safely cross rapids.

The total survival course is $1,600 and is five days long. They offer numerous opportunities to attend through July and August.

4. Explosives Summer Camp

Yep you read that right the Missouri University of Science and Technology offers a one week summer camp to learn how to properly blow stuff up. Unlike when we were kids destroying toy soldiers with firecrackers or as adults shooting at stupid amounts of Tannerite.

This isn’t your ordinary summer camp though as it is only open to specially selected high school juniors or seniors who are looking to pursue a career in explosives. If selected they will get the chance to learn about blast mining, underground demolition, and pyrotechnics.

There is also a lot of fun involved which includes handling and blowing up numerous objects with TNT, C4, and dynamite. At the end of camp they will put what they have learned to the test by creating their own fireworks and setting them off in a very cool show.

If your teen is interested they can learn how to apply from the University website.

5. Acadia Rock Climbing and Adventure Camp

summer camps

If you were a kid that was constantly climbing anything you could find or looking for new thrills then the Acadia Rock Climbing and Adventure Camp would have been the place for you.

While they offer numerous rock climbing programs from the inexperienced to the advanced they have many other options as well.

One of the coolest is the Multi-Sport High Adventure. In this extreme program teens go on one week expeditions to not only rock climb, but hike, sea kayak, surf, mountain bike, and more in various places across Acadia National Park.

The one week adventure costs $999, but can be combined with other excursions for discounted rates.

While we may be too old to attend these super fun summer camps these are some great options for your own kids. They get to experience something awesome and have a great story to tell their friends back at school while you get a week or so to do some relaxing of your own.


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5 Summer Camps You Wish You Went to as a Kid