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5 Suggestions if You Want to Be the Worst Hunter Ever

worst hunter ever

Looking to be the worst hunter out there? Then follow these five suggestions. If you want to be a good hunter, then read this and do the complete opposite.

If you want to go against the grain and strive be a bad hunter, and I mean the worst hunter out there, then simply follow these five suggestions, and you’ll be on your way.

1. Scout where other people hunt, and then hunt there.

Deer like to get away from the hunting pressure. If your goal is to be the worst hunter, the first thing you need to do is find out where there is an abundance of hunting pressure. Once you locate that area, find a bad-looking area in the middle of everyone else and hunker down.

2. Don’t scout at all.

Some of the best deer hunters in the world do the bulk of their work outside of the actual hunting season. They scout in the winter, shed hunt in the spring, do a ton of summer scouting, and are ready to go after a big buck once fall rolls around.

Don’t do ANY of this if you want to be the worst hunter out there.

3. Forget what a trail camera is.

worst hunter
FB/Midwest Whitetail

Trail cameras have become one of the greatest technological advances in the deer hunting world. Knowing how to use them effectively can tremendously aid in your deer hunting ability. So if you want to be a poor hunter, forget what they are, and don’t use them.

4. Hunt warm fronts.

Hunting warm fronts usually isn’t what we focus on. By focusing on hunting warm weather throughout the deer season, your chances should go down a bit, and you’ll be on your way to being a bad deer hunter.

5. Be that guy no one likes.

worst hunter
FB/Outdoors with the Jones’

One thing you absolutely have to do in order to be the worst hunter ever is to be “that guy”: the one who trespasses, litters, hunts others’ stands on public land, steals trail cameras… everything that is part of the label of “that guy.” You do those things, and you will help cement yourself as one of the worst hunters ever.

If you strive to be an awful hunter, read this list, then read it again and follow it to a T. If you don’t want to be a bad hunter, be sure to never do any of them!

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5 Suggestions if You Want to Be the Worst Hunter Ever