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This Infographic Lays Out the 5 Vital Steps to Child-Conscious Gun Safety

child conscious gun safety

Just like you know "every gun is always loaded," you should know these rules of child-conscious gun safety.

When Jeffrey Nelson of National Biometric heard from a friend that she keeps a loaded handgun on her nightstand, it raised a red flag: that same woman also has a 3-year-old daughter who could easily, curiously, reach for the weapon. As this infographic shows, unlocked and loaded firearms are common in households with young children: in fact, 1.7 million children live in these households, and it's remarkable that unintentional child deaths are as rare as they are.

Don't leave it up to chance: spread the word to keep guns out of kids' hands!

5 Steps To Improve Gun Safety For Kids

A warm shoutout to National Biometric for posting this great infographic on their blog.

By taking a few simple steps, you can make sure that whenever the kid in your life interacts with a gun, it is a positive, safe experience (that hopefully contributes to a lifelong love of the outdoors!).

At Wide Open Spaces, we've shared a few pieces geared toward folks who'd like to safely share their passion for shooting and hunting with kids. If you're interested, check out this article on how to gift a child his or her very first gun. If you want to get a kid excited about hunting, you may want to read 10 Tips for Teaching a Kid How to Hunt.

You can bet that if you openly introduce your kids to guns early in life, they will remember those experiences later on and make their own decisions based on the example you set.

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This Infographic Lays Out the 5 Vital Steps to Child-Conscious Gun Safety