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5 Species-Specific Rods and Combos That Will Give You an Edge

Versatility in fishing gear is one thing, but when you want to get species-specific, Ugly Stik comes through.

Let’s face it, since the vast majority of American anglers target large or smallmouth bass, it’s only natural that the vast majority of fishing gear is catered towards them.

But that leaves large portions of the fishing community out of luck, especially when they want something designed with the details and nuances of another species in mind. While there are frontrunners, the stripers, walleye, and crappies of the world need attention, and the anglers that fish for them need some, too.

That’s why we gathered together five rods and combos that are ideal for one of the alternates, meaning they’re great for the diehards who target some of the funnest game fish to catch. In no particular order, here are our suggestions for capitalizing on some of the hard work put in by Ugly Stik gear designers. The best part? No rod is over $40, and no combo surpasses $80.

Crappie Spinning Combo

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The go-to for crappie fishermen is a combo that’s simple to set up, and even easier to use. A light action, plus a reliable sturdiness that won’t deteriorate is key. Combining a crappie rod and a Shakespeare spinning reel with one ball bearing plus a one-way clutch instant anti-reverse bearing, the Crappie Spinning Combo. The reel’s multi-disc drag system keeps them on the line with fine tune adjustments, and the rod’s Ugly Tuff one-piece stainless steel guides make the full outfit just what a crappie angler needs.

The rod is backed by a seven-year warranty, and the aluminum spool on the reel is the epitome of simplification. Use one of these, and you’re going to be making your crappie quota in no time.

Walleye Round Combo


Walleye fishermen, especially those of the Northwoods, have to have certain considerations when they pick their gear. Medium light action is best, like the rod that comes on the Walleye Round Combo, and a round 20 size line counter reel will stand up to the wildest of walleye fighters.

The double paddle aluminum handle is smooth as can be, and the two-piece, 7’6″ rod is just what the doctor ordered.

Catfish Spinning Combo


Ah yes, the catfisherman, perhaps the angling world’s most iconic picture of the lengths some will go to land a fish. It’s no wonder a medium heavy action rod is needed for fighting big cats, and an oversized handle knob comes in real handy. The Catfish Spinning Combo that brings together a 50 size Shakespeare spinning reel with a strong, rock-tough seven-foot rod is a no-brainer.

Whether you’re on the mighty Mississippi or in a reservoir down south, taking one of these combos to the water will give the catfish their last supper, if all goes according to plan.

Striper Spinning Rod


We’ll round out the last two entries with two rods made just for striped bass fishing, with some great pluses that stripers won’t appreciate, but anglers will.

Available from light to medium heavy, in 7′ and 7’6″ lengths, the Striper Casting Rods use the Ugly Stik Clear Tip design, and employs comfortable EVA grips with rubber gimbal.

Striper Casting Rod

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These Striper Casting Rods put their money where their mouth is, and come in at 7′ with a medium heavy action. Put your casting reel of choice on, and see the difference with one of the most durable rods you’ve used.

Be sure to check out the rest of Ugly Stik’s species-specific combos and rods, and know that when you’re ready to start catching some fish, you’ve got a company covering the fish you’re after.

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5 Species-Specific Rods and Combos That Will Give You an Edge