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5 Songs to Get You Pumped for Turkey Season

Ready for turkey season? Not before you listen to these tunes.

For anyone who has turkey hunted before, the simple fact that the spring season is getting close is enough of a reason to be pumped up to hunt. However, it never hurts to get even more amped up for the chasing those longbeards and hearing those early morning gobbles.

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Here are five songs to listen to whenever that spring turkey hunting itch just has to be scratched before you head out to hunt toms in your home state.

Turkey Time by Walt Gabbard

Best Lyric: "Set my alarm clock for six in the morn, but I jump outta bed about ten til four."

Even though six in the morning comes real quick, the anticipation of turkey season means that it just can't come soon enough. Every turkey hunter has experienced those sleepless nights before opening day and Gabbard captures that feeling perfectly with this line in the song.

Southern Outdoors by Matt Prater

Best Lyric: "He's talkin' loud and struttin', outside my blind, I call him in, then I watch those feathers fly."

Although this isn't an entire song dedicated to turkey hunting, it still talks about all the ideals that most hunters and outdoorsman hold dear. It may not be by a well-known artist or be in the mainstream, but this song embodies the spirit of the outdoors and any turkey hunter can surely relate.

Hung Up by Rhett Akins

Best Lyric: "But I had one more trick up my sleeve, the one my granddaddy taught me, I knew I was gonna need a little luck"

There are few things more frustrating out in the turkey woods then when that gobbler you've been working for hours gets hung up. It could be because that old tom found a real hen or there was some obstacle between you and the bird. Sometimes it takes luck to get a turkey to get within shooting range, but those tricks from old-timers can work like a charm once in a while as well.

Chasing Thunder by Walt Gabbard

Best Lyric: "Ain't nothin' else to give me this thrill."

That lyric says something that the vast majority, if not every, turkey hunter would agree with. It's almost impossible to explain, but there is just something about turkey hunting and being in the early morning woods in springtime that provides an adrenaline rush that is tough to duplicate. This song is a great anthem for any turkey hunter.

Longbeards by Walt Gabbard

Best Lyric: "A yelp and a cut from my old slate call, he gobbled back, I knew it was on."

Another great turkey hunting song by Gabbard here. This is a great song to play on the way to wherever you are planning to hunt this spring. It really embodies turkey season and everything that turkey hunting is really about. Fair warning though; this song might just make you dream about those longbeards even more than you already are. However, there might not actually be anything wrong with that.

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So, as you clean your shotgun, chalk up your calls, and dream about the spring turkey season, listen to these five songs. They are sure to get you pumped up and ready to go come opening day.

What other tunes to you listen to that remind you of or get you pumped up for turkey hunting?

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5 Songs to Get You Pumped for Turkey Season