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5 Simple DIY Deer Feeders You Can Make on Your Own

There are a number of ways to make your own DIY deer feeders that are less expensive and just as effective as store-bought.

As a service to deer hunters across the country, the folks at Texas Trophy Hunters Association wanted to help provide some useful tips as things move towards deer season faster and faster.

With their assistance, we collected several methods, some similar and some different, so that you can see how easy it is to do it yourself and provide the deer you hunt another source of good food.

Of course, there are other advantages, too. Placing trail camera affixed to record what happens at a feeder is a huge benefit, especially as the season approaches and specific deer need to be tracked.

They'll also give the deer a reason to pass by, making sure you know of at least one waypoint for most of the traveling that's done on the property you hunt. Texas hunters know this is a big boon to the way they find bucks to harvest, because being confident in a deer's route is a valuable thing.

Simple PVC


We'll start with a simple and likely cheap way to build a deer feeder, and that's the way Ryan Vince did it in his instructional post here. He calls it a Poor Man's Deer Feeder, and that's pretty fitting.

Another PVC Method

Here's a closer look at a similar feeder, just a little on the larger side.

The Drum Method

Drums, when found for cheap, can really be a benefit when building your own deer feeder.

Elevated Drum

Take things up a notch, literally, and suspend a drum feeder over a three-legged, tripod-style system.

The $16 Special


This Pinterest photo includes a quick and dirty description of how it's done, and seems easy enough to do in an afternoon.

Now that you have a few choices, let them serve as motivation. Build a deer feeder for yourself, and the deer will thank you for it.

Also, be sure to learn more about becoming a member of Texas Trophy Hunters Association, which is bringing hunters together to protect and promote the hunting heritage for future generations.


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5 Simple DIY Deer Feeders You Can Make on Your Own