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5 Signs You’re Waaay Too Into Hunting

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Are you a little over the top when it comes to hunting? Here are five signs you’re waaay too into hunting. 

There are those people out there who like to hunt, and those who take it to a whole new level. Have you reached that level that might leave people thinking you’re way into hunting? Here are five signs you have.

1. You Save All of Your Vacation for the Fall

Most people like to take their vacation during the spring or summer, and take a trip somewhere warm with the family. But a hardcore hunter? Not so much. If you’ve reached the level of being too much into hunting, odds are all of your vacation time is being saved for the fall to allow more time out in the field.

2. You Spend the Majority of Your Time Looking at Weather or Maps


When most people browse the web, they read the news, check in on sports teams, etc. A hunter who’s over the top? He/she spends 90% of their time on the Internet either breaking down maps or obsessively checking the weather.

3. Selective Memory

This is one I have realized more and more lately. You can’t remember for the life of you what your spouse told you an hour ago, but you’ve got this coming weekend’s forecast etched in your brain, knowing the wind direction, wind speed, pressure, and what stand you’ll be in.

4. Long Drives Mean Nothing to You

Alex Comstock

For us hunters who are way too into it, a long drive to hunt means nothing to us. In fact, it’s something we look forward to. Those of us who plan long hunting trips do it because we love it, and those trips are something we look forward to every year.

5. Hunting Items Make Up a Significant Part of Your Budget

Every month, when you are going over how much money you will spend on your house payment/rent, bills, car payment, etc., hunting items are usually included. Whether that be out-of-state tags, new gear, more deer stands, or who knows what else, there’s always something we need.

Being way too into hunting isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s a great thing. Hunting is something that is very important to a lot of us, and if you’re at this point already, odds are it will never change.

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5 Signs You’re Waaay Too Into Hunting