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5 Shooting Tools of the Trade

Check our list of suggested shooting tools you can’t be without.

2 - leatherman tool

Calling all gun enthusiasts: whether you’re a passionate hunter with a taste for the latest and most expensive rifles or a gun collector who likes to buy up anything that shoots, the firearm itself is obviously your first order of business.

With that said though, the gun itself is not the “be all, end all” of the transaction. On the contrary, if you are going to get the most of your shooting endeavors, you are going to need a number of gun-related tools and accessories in your collection.

In order to help you build up your collection, we’ve put together a list of seven accessories that are absolute must-haves.

Checkout the slideshow and see the shooting tools.

1. Gun Cleaning Kit 

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

If you fancy yourself as a gun collector, then the first accessory you are going to need to add to your arsenal is a universal gun cleaning kit. There’s nothing worse than an expensive rifle or shotgun ruined by a jammed barrel, a build up of oil and other gunk, or the presence of rust. You can prevent all of the above by subjecting your most-used weapons to frequent cleaning sessions, especially when it comes to weapons that you will be putting into storage and not using for months at a time (e.g., pretty much any gun used for hunting season purposes). With proper cleaning, you can make sure your guns are always ready to go when you really need them.

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A good gun cleaning kit will give you everything you need to maintain your rifles, shotguns, or handguns, from a T-handle to various brushes, barrel mops, patches, and more. We’re particularly fond of the RangeMaxx Universal FLEX Gun Cleaning Kid (available over at Bass Pro Shops for just $34.99), but there are a range of good products out there. Read reviews and product specs of different gun cleaning kits to make sure that you buy one which fits you and your gun collection well.

2. Leatherman Gun Tool 

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

Read four or five articles about the most essential accessories for shooting enthusiasts and you’ll be likely to see a Leatherman gun tool on each of them. Leatherman tools are essentially the Swiss Army Knives of the shooting world, and every die-hard shooter absolutely needs to have one in their arsenal. Our favorite is the Leatherman MUT (Military Utility Tool), which retails for between $160 and $180, and which combines both “practical” and “tactical” tools into the ultimate all-in-one shooting gadget.

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On one end, the MUT includes tools you’ll want to have in your back pocket at all times, from screwdrivers and pliers or wire cutters to bottle openers and knives. In addition, the MUT is armed with several amenities that only shooters will appreciate, including a bolt override tool, a hammer, a bronze carbon scraper, a cutting hook, a firearm disassembly punch, and adapters for cleaning rods and gun brushes. For those days where you need to repair or clean your gun in the field, but where you’ve also left your cleaning kit at home or in the car, this tool is a game saver. A high quality construction and a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty guarantee that you will never regret your purchase.

3. Laser Target 

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

Sometimes, you just don’t have the time to get to the shooting range. In those moments, it may seem like a good idea to set up some targets in your backyard and start firing with your rifle or handgun. Unless you want to alarm the neighbors or to earn yourself a visit from the police, it’s actually not a good idea, but it’s not far off. With gun training kits and targets from LaserLyte, you can set up a shooting range in your backyard – or even in your living room – without having to discharge a dangerous weapon. LaserLyte is basically tactical, realistic laser tag, making it a useful tool for shooters looking to improve their marksmanship abilities.

LaserLyte products are perfect for mastering the tenants of a good handgun shooting stance and are a lot of fun to use, making them a worthwhile purchase for beginning shooters and experienced veterans alike.

4. Trigger Locks 

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

If you have kids in the house, or simply want to practice the most vigilant safety precautions possible, there are few better or more economical ways to protect your guns than by securing them with trigger locks.

Master Lock Gun Locks are especially good for this purpose, boasting exemplary customer reviews across the board and with different varieties and designs that can fit virtually any handgun, shotgun, or rifle you might have in your collection. Built of a durable steel and zinc alloy and utilizing rubber pads to prevent scratches or other damage to your firearms, Master Lock’s gun lock products are a perfect way to practice gun safety without giving up your shooting hobby.

5. ATV/UTV Gun Rack:

Photo via Bass Pro Shops

Speaking of gun safety, if you plan on taking your rifles or shotguns into the field to hunt, you are going to want to have a safe and secure way to transport them. A gun rack for your ATV or UTV can provide the perfect solution to this conundrum. For UTV drivers, we like the gun racks from Great Day Power Ride, which are built from aircraft grade aluminum and hold two guns, jostle free, even on the roughest and bumpiest rides.

For ATVs, we prefer the Kolphin ATV Rhino Grips double attachment system, which serves a similar purpose to the Great Day Power Ride UTV product, but which is a good deal less expense. Kolphin’s product can be used to hold guns, bows, fishing poles, or virtually any other type of gear, making it the perfect ATV accessory for both die-hard shooters and passionate outdoorsmen alike.

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