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5 Shooting Books You Need to Read Immediately [PICS]


These titles will make you a better gun owner.

I don't know about anyone else, but one of my New Year's resolutions was to read more books this year. Many of my friends are starting to get into shooting, or are looking to improve their skills. We're still in the early days of March, so it's not too late to stick to those resolutions and head to the range - or the bookstore.

Whether you want to know more about your rights and responsibilities as a concealed carry holder or brush up on firearm history, these five books are sure to be both informative and entertaining.

"Deadly Force: Understanding Your Right To Self Defense" by Massad Ayoob 

Ayoob is a familiar name in shooting circles, and for good reason. He's authored more than a dozen books on handguns and handgun training, and runs a well-regarded shooting institute.

"Deadly Force" is his latest book, and synthesizes an amazing amount of legal information into under 300 pages. It covers the practical, moral, and ethical issues surrounding self-defense in the U.S., and is an absolutely essential read for any concealed carry holder.book1


"Long-Range Precision Rifle: The Complete Guide to Hitting Targets at Distance" by Anthony Cirincione II 

Have you ever watched one of those videos where a hunter takes a successful 1,000-yard shot at a target and thought, "How can I do that?"

Cirincione is a former U.S. Army sniper and long-range shooting instructor with essential information on taking an accurate shot, every time. While "Long-Range Precision Rifle" isn't exactly the same as taking a class with the marksman himself, the book offers invaluable tips for hunters and shooting enthusiasts alike.



"The Cornered Cat: A Woman's Guide to Concealed Carry" by Kathy Jackson 

More and more women are taking up shooting these days, for sport and self defense. "The Cornered Cat" is written by a woman for women who want to learn more about concealed carry and didn't grow up around guns. Though the book is targeted towards women, reviewers of all genders recommend the book wholeheartedly.

According to bestselling author Larry Correia, "'The Cornered Cat' may be subtitled 'A Woman s Guide to Concealed Carry,' but I would recommend this to anybody that does, or is even thinking about, carrying a gun. Kathy Jackson touches on every gun-toting topic possible with a lot of class, humor, and wisdom."



"Dry-Fire Training: For The Practical Pistol Shooter" by Ben Stoeger 

If you're looking to improve your handgun skills without having to go to the range every day, this is the book for you. Stoeger, co-creator of the "Guaranteed Results in 15 Minutes a Day" system, delivers practical advice for those training with the dry-fire method.

Packed with drills, challenges, and information, "Dry-Fire Training" is an essential resource for any serious pistol shooter. Many reviewers on Amazon commented on their improvement after reading Stoeger's book, though all say that self-discipline is critical for success with the dry-fire method.



"Glock: The Rise Of America's Gun" by Paul Barret 

The Glock is arguably the most famous gun in America (challenged only by Dirty Harry's Magnum .45), but how much do you know about how it came to be coveted by both criminals and law enforcement?

"Glock: The Rise of America's Gun" is the definitive history of the weapon that symbolizes gun culture in America for supporters and opponents of gun rights. According to Cameron Hopkins, editor-in-chief of "Combat Tactics" magazine, "'Glock' is a riveting tale with masterful pacing and meticulous research. Paul Barrett knows his subject intimately, and it shows. . . . It's a must-read for anyone with an interest in handguns or the firearm industry or even American pop culture."



Since it is still freezing in most of the country, with no signs of the snow letting up, get out to your local bookstore or order these reads on Amazon. Curl up on the couch and educate yourselves.

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5 Shooting Books You Need to Read Immediately [PICS]