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5 Quiet and Scent-Free Power Tools to Clean Up Your Hunt Site

These eco-friendly, non gas-powered and relatively scent-free power tools make the job easy.


Have you discovered a great spot to hunt? When you set up your blind or treestand, there will inevitably be some landscaping work that needs to be done. Clearing brush, weeds, leaves, grass and even snow usually requires heavy equipment and gas power tools.

The trouble with traditional fuel power tools is the odors left behind from gas and emissions. After clearing the hunting area with power tools run by combustion engines the site must be left for a while before hunting. The animals will avoid the area for days, even weeks while the offensive smells dissipate.

These modern electric power tools are the solution.  They are lightweight, simple to operate and comfortable to use when compared to their gas powered counterparts. This equipment will get the job done quickly without any scent contamination of the hunting area. You can clear your site and commence hunting shortly afterwards without worrying about getting busted due to odors.

Check out these awesome power tools to clean your hunting area in the slideshow.

What tools do you use to clear your hunting site? Let us know in the comments below.

Black and Decker LSW20 Cordless Sweeper


Clearing leaves, twigs and debris that litter the route to your stand will ensure you a silent approach that does not alert game. This blower is lightweight and easy to use. It will make clearing the ground quick and easy.

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Core CGT400 String Trimmer


Described as the "Ferrari of grass trimmers" by, the Core trimmer is more powerful than some 2-stroke gas trimmers. It will cut through grass, thin vines and weeds to clear the way to your stand.

Oregon CS250S Chain Saw


The Oregon cordless chain saw uses a powerful, long lasting lithium ion battery. It can handle logs up to 12-inches in diameter. This quiet, scent-free chain saw will make quick work of clearing your hunting site.

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Snow Joe ION18SB Snow Blower


A battery powered snow blower? Yes - this 40-Watt power snow blower can run up to 40 minutes on one charge. Game animals will seek the path of least resistance. When the ground is snow covered, control where the game animals will go by creating a clear path for them with this scent-free snow blowing machine.

Greenworks 25292 Lawnmower


This lawnmower comes with two batteries that can run up to 60-minutes each. A four-year warranty on the mower and two-year warranty on the batteries make ownership worry free. You can clear grass, short growth around food plots and light vines and weeds. The sound level is very low and there is no scent.

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5 Quiet and Scent-Free Power Tools to Clean Up Your Hunt Site