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5-Round Mag-Fed 12 Gauge? I’ll Take Two, Please [VIDEO]

What on Earth would we need a mag-fed 12 gauge for? Doesn’t matter…

This badass weapon is useful for hunting pheasant, but much MORE useful for fighting off hordes of pheasant bent on your personal destruction.

You can’t really call it practical, but Dominion Arms’ 5-round mag-fed shotgun looks like a hell of a lot of fun. Check it out in this video from PoliceTacticalUnit.

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So, we’re not sure exactly what Dominion had in mind in creating it’s monster Grizzly 8.5 Shotgun, but we have a couple ideas.

  1. Not necessarily designed for civilian use.
  2. Zombies, obviously. Running out of shots never ends well during a zombie apocalypse. Trust, us, we’re experts.
  3. Being able to pump out five rounds will increase the likelihood of bringing home some waterfowl, and decrease the odds that your dog will laugh at your failure.
  4. It’s freaking awesome. Just look at this thing.

There are, unfortunately, a few downsides to this particular piece of iron. First off, when fully loaded, it’s a little over 8 pounds, which is certainly on the heavy side of any type of shoulder-mount, shotgun or no.

Secondly, it’s made in Canada. And let’s be honest, all the best guns come from the US.

It’s currently out of stock, however, so apparently there are some pretty well-armed Canadians out there who are just as excited about this puppy as we are.

Still, despite all that, can we stress again just how awesome this video is?

Next evolution in pheasant destruction/zombie defense? Or a heavy Canadian dud? Let us know in the comments below.

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5-Round Mag-Fed 12 Gauge? I’ll Take Two, Please [VIDEO]