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5 Rods That Will Actually Improve Your Fishing Game [PICS]

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Looking for something to take you to the next level in your fishing?  These 5 rods will help.

I read an article once that said if you pay less than $100 for a fishing rod, then you get what you pay for; but if you pay over $200, then you are only paying for the name.

It’s easy to drop a ton of money on tackle each season, but the goal is to get your hands on gear that will make you confident on the water and improve your overall fishing game.

Each time that I look for a new fishing rod, it has to feel like an extension of my arm. Plus, if you are going to be fishing it all day, it can’t weigh a ton. All of these rods are the best bang for your buck under $200.

These five rods are a unique breed. Each rod is a part of a series, which allows an angler to diversify the range of abilities and techniques once he has found the perfect fit.

1.  Duckett Micro Magic Pro

Keeping on with the great tradition of Boyd Duckett’s line, the Micro Magic Pro series is the next step in quality. Duckett improved upon an already solid fishing rod by enhancing some existing components and creating a more balanced rod.

The spinning rods also feature a trademarked line control system to increase casting distance with less effort. Choosing this line of rods will reduce fatigue on the water, which means more casts to catch fish.

duckett-micro-magic-pro copy

2.  Powell Max 3D

The bad news is that Powell discontinued the Max series and the Endurance series. However, the great news is that they blended the two to create the brand new Max 3D series. If you liked the Max series, then you’ll fall in love with the 3D.

If you fished the Endurance series, you won’t notice a drop off in quality and get a very fishable rod at a very affordable price. Everyone wins when they choose to fish these rods.


3. G. Loomis E6X

Get your hands on a legend! This series of rods is G. Loomis’ most affordable offering. It was released at the 2015 Bassmaster Classic and has been receiving rave reviews ever since. If you watch “Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show,” you are sure to see Mark Zona using it from time to time.

The E6X series is technique specific and touches on virtually every style of fishing that one can imagine.


4. Cashion

These American-made rods are not to be overlooked. What’s more, the company’s founder, Dr. Matthew Cashion, has a PhD in chemistry with a concentration in advanced materials. Cashion rods are meticulously produced by anglers for anglers. Check out the extreme variety of options that this company offers.


5. Shimano Crucial

This tried and true brand continues to impress. The Crucial line up has been around for a while, but now has a new look. This new, split-grip offering is boasted to be lighter, stronger and more sensitive than before. Go with a trusted name and you will be sure to put bass in the boat.


All of these rods are under $200 and worth every penny. What are you waiting for? Get these rods and improve your fishing!

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5 Rods That Will Actually Improve Your Fishing Game [PICS]