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5 Reasons Why Concealed Carry is Important to Me


Many people might ask why concealed carry is important in this day and age.

Some might argue in the modern age there is no room for concealed carry in a civilized society. Here are 5 high points to my valid reasoning behind concealed carry that just might change their minds.

1. The police are not guaranteed

Police cannot be everywhere all the time. This is especially true in country regions where one officer is assigned to many miles. This also comes into play where law enforcement due to spending cuts have been reduced in our cities and the crime rates have exploded. If you call 911, there might not be an officer to come save your life. It is up to you friends.

In fact, John Oliver recently covered how unreliable 911 actually is on an episode of his HBO show, Last Week Tonight.

2. Safety is not guaranteed

In the age of terrorist attacks, every American citizen's duty is to protect the homeland. We all try to raise our kids in a society that they need not fear attacks from evil-doers from any walk of life. If the picture taking citizen in the Paris terrorist attack had been armed this unarmed police officer might have survived this tragedy.

3. Stopping a tragedy, if necessary

Armed citizens have saved the day on many occasions, but they also practice restraint in situations. It is also true that concealed carriers have saved police lives when they have been downed by an attacker. The bottom line is that having a concealed carry weapon on you does not mean you are ethically required to protect anyone but yourself, which is a fact that most news outlets forget when discussing 2A rights.

4. Preparedness is the name of the game

Are you headed to the backcountry or the local park? Well those trails are generally not policed. It is up to you to protect yourself, loved ones or even a fellow citizen from a vicious attack, be it animal or human. There are more than a few instances of animals attacking hikers on trails in the woods, or people being mugged or worse in a local park.

5. The Second Amendment

Lastly, it is our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms as listed in the great Second Amendment. This was not a last minute addition to the Bill of Rights - it was the second most important amendment for a reason to our ancestors. The bottom line is that crimes committed by concealed carriers are few and extremely far between. Having protection at all times is the gift that the Second Amendment gives us as an American people.

The concealed carry movement has in most states allowed citizens to carry a concealed handgun for personal defense. Take charge of your safety and also that of others you care about. Use your right to conceal carry today.


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5 Reasons Why Concealed Carry is Important to Me