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5 Reasons We Obsess Over Trail Cameras

People are obsessing over trail cameras more and more every year and here's why.

We all love to run trail cameras right? What has made the trail camera such a popular tool to not only deer hunters, but now hunters of all game? There are plenty of reasons we obsess over trail cameras, and here are five of them.

1. They see what you don't

Alex Comstock

Trail cameras offer the opportunity to know what is moving through a specific area at all times of the day and night. How often do we obsess over pictures taken in the middle of the night, where we otherwise may have never known an animal was even there.

Even when we get pictures of giant bucks that we never see hunting, it is still cool to show off pictures of them.

2. Show off your pictures

Now, when I mean showing off your pictures, I don't necessarily mean bringing a trail cam picture of a big buck you have in your back pocket and showing every person you see. That doesn't mean though that we don't like to brag a little bit with our hunting buddies when we get a picture of a monster buck.

3. The unknown

Alex Comstock

Every time you walk up to your trail cam and open it up to pull that SD card, it's like Christmas morning. You never truly know what could be on that card. The anticipation is similar to sitting in a treestand on a cold frosty November morning, waiting for the woods to burst alive.

4. Learning a buck's behavior

Trail cameras offer you the unique ability to study and learn how a buck lives part of his life without hardly ever seeing him in person. You could have five years of history with a buck with only seeing him on the hoof twice, due to the fact you may have 5,000 pictures of him.

5. Big bucks

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Alex Comstock

When it comes down to it, we obsess over trail cameras because of BIG bucks. Big bucks drive us crazy for better or for worse. Every time we set out a trail camera, the hope is to get pictures of that next giant buck.

We pretty much all obsess over trail cameras, and the pictures they take. They drive us mad when they don't work, and create a level of excitement that's unmatched when a monster buck walks in front of one.

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5 Reasons We Obsess Over Trail Cameras