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5 Reasons Social Media Will Enhance Your Outdoor Company

This is how social media and the great outdoors can combine to form a fantastic opportunity.

You’ve started an outdoor company that revolves around your skills and virtues in the outdoor world, but you need to raise the bar and get your company to its prime.

You’ve always advertised word of mouth and sometimes the local paper, but what can you do to give your ever-deserving company the publicity it needs in order to strive to its full potential?

Social media. I know you may have been skeptical about dealing with the online hassles, but here are five reasons you should jump into the world of using social media for your outdoor company.

1. A deer could do it.

I know it is supposed to be, “a monkey could do it,” but in fact it’s even easy for an animal with hooves! Social media is quite simple and easy to use.

It offers a platform to connect with customers and clients and acts as a direct way of communication between you and your clientele. When you utilize Instagram to show the world that massive fish you caught or put up your trophy elk photo on Facebook, you’re building a kind of trust with the viewer that can’t be faked.

If you’re successful enough in the great outdoors on your own, chances are you know what you’re talking about. Your credibility will be earned.

2. Tell your company’s story in language your audience will understand.

Social media offers a bold voice for your company, connecting you with people who share the same ideas as you. Giving you a big opportunity to tell your company’s story.

It’s not always easy to put yourself out there, especially in a sport like hunting that has some serious negativity surrounding it, but by presenting yourself as a fellow outdoorsperson, you’ll make it clear to your intended audience that you stand up for what you believe in.

3. Earn some cash.

If you use a blog and SEO, you could earn money for the content you post. Giving you a win-win by allowing you to earn money for your posts and allowing people to view your content as first priority in a search engine.

Your favorite hobbies don’t have to be holes in your pockets, although anyone who’s launched a new frog lure into the highest tree nearby knows that fishing is such a money drain! If you’re good at something, never do it for free. An example of this would be the Vintage Outdoorsmen store on Etsy. This store specializes in fly tying benches, materials, and the like.

4. Get your name out there.

All forms of social media offer a free way to advertise your product and expertise allowing customers to view what you have to say as valuable.

This circles back to the idea of credibility. Word of mouth is how so many hunting and fishing guides earn a living and by utilizing social media, they can let their customers speak for themselves by providing reviews or posting amazing photos from a trip.

5. Bring in more customers.

Social media provides more ways to bring traffic to your company. With each site, you create a path and are able to reach old, current, and even future customers with ease and less hassle than traditional advertising.

So what sites should you use?

Three of the more common sites that can offer a lot of potential for your company are Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook. These three sites offer multiple ways to enhance your company and its revenue through posting, sharing, and connecting.

If you consider blogging as a way to give your outdoor company the edge you’ve been looking for, WordPress and Blogger are great blogging platforms that are easy to use and are full of great ways to make your company all that it can be.

Take the leap of faith and dive into all the benefits that social media can give your outdoor company. You have a lot to offer the outdoor world and with the help of the internet you can allow you and your company’s entirety to reach its ultimate potential with just a few clicks.



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5 Reasons Social Media Will Enhance Your Outdoor Company