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5 Reasons to Raise Your Children Outdoors [PICS]


In a world driven by electronic devices and social media, it's easy to forget the natural world that surrounds us.

You seldom see a child in public without their eyes glued to a cell phone, iPod, or game device.

Each minute that kids spend in front of electronics is another minute they're not spending time outdoors! Here are some reasons you should raise your kids in the outdoors!

1. Teach Them Patience


What better lesson to teach your children then the virtue of patience! Hunting can be a fantastic lesson that patience and perseverance can lead to great reward.

2. Encourage Activity

Flickr/Maggie Brauer

Staying active helps reduce stress and anxiety, and can help children with both behavioral issues and attention spans.

3. Educate Them

Flickr/WSFWS Fish and Aquatic Conservation

The more you educate them now, the more they know in the future. Help to promote self-sufficiency for future generations.

4. Keep Them Healthy


Let them run. Let them jump. Let them climb. A healthy childhood can lead to a long-term healthy lifestyle.

5. Spark Their Curiosity

Curiosity 2
Flickr/Lauren Hammond

Get your kids involved and interested in the outdoors. Show them things they've never learned before and let them ask questions.

Fresh air is good for the mind, body and soul. Get your kids outdoors and let them appreciate all it has to offer!

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5 Reasons to Raise Your Children Outdoors [PICS]