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5 Reasons a Mutt Is the Best Outdoor Dog [PICS]


"If you can't decide between a shepherd, a setter or a poodle, get them all ... adopt a mutt!" - ASPCA

Mutts are great dogs because they are so unique from one another and any other dog out there. If you can't find that perfect breed, put a few of them together and you can get the perfect dog for any activity you want.

Read more to find out why a mutt is the best outdoor dog.

Extremely Loyal


Mutts make up almost 75 percent of shelter populations so most mutts come from a shelter. When you adopt your mutt, you are saving his life, which is not forgotten by your new companion.

Your new mutt is the best outdoor dog because, by saving his life, he is more likely to stay loyal to you, want to please you the best he can, listen well to you, and you are both likely to create a meaningful bond between one another.



A mutt is the best outdoor dog because he does not have as strong an internal program as purebreds do, which means he is more likely to adjust easily to household and living situations, travel experiences, and different routines during different times of the year (hunting season!).

Purebreds are designed with a specific skill set such as herding or hunting. Because mutts are made of a hybrid of purebreds, they are more likely to be great at herding and hunting. They may be able to track animals better and hunt a variety of animals big and small. And when not hunting, a mutt can be a great buddy for any outdoor activity.

Fewer Health Issues


Although this is not a proven fact, mutts tend to have fewer health issues than purebreds so you do not have to worry as much about their health, and can spend more time with them on your hunting, hiking, and camping trips.

Some purebreds are prone to specific illnesses and can develop genetic disease. Even though a mutt can be part golden retriever, he has fewer genes than a purebred golden and a lower chance of developing any genetic illnesses.

Very Smart


Mutts tend to be very trainable, intelligent, and have a lot of common sense. They have the best of both (or multiple) worlds being a result of mixed intelligence from their descendants.

Low Cost


A mutt is the best outdoor dog because an adoption fee is commonly less expensive than a breeder fee. They are usually already spayed or neutered, chipped with a tracking devise, and up-to-date on all their vaccinations.

Because you saved money by adoption your new mutt, you can spend that money on outdoor gear for you or your pup and training equipment to get your mutt ready for hunting season.

And because your adopted mutt is up-to-date on his shots, he is ready to enjoy the wilderness with your right away.

If you are thinking of adding a dog as your outdoor, hunting partner-in-crime, think about a mutt and how much they can do for you, and vise versa.

All of the dogs pictured in this article are available for adoption through the ASPCA.

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5 Reasons a Mutt Is the Best Outdoor Dog [PICS]