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5 Reasons Why Fishing with Your Spouse Is a Brilliant Idea [PICS]

Andrews Charters

Fishing can be an incredible relationship-builder if done correctly.

Here are five reasons why fishing with your spouse is a brilliant idea.

1. Quiet time away from life’s daily dramas.

Turn off the phones, listen to the outdoors and enjoy some downtime from the hustle and bustle of modern society.

Crystal Ranch Lodge

2. Cheaper than…

Fishing can be a very cost effective, and more rewarding, than a movie or shopping.

Andrews Charters

3. Dinner is caught.

Experience harvesting from the open waters for your next meal. It puts things in perspective.

Old Couple Holding Caught Fish
Card Cow

4. A quiet fishing hole is a great place to talk in private and open up.

There are no kids, in-laws, friends, or other people to facilitate the conversation.

Katelyn James

5. What is better than being in the great outdoors?

If you have a great partner, you will have a great fishing buddy too.


Fishing is great with your buddies or with your kids. But it is a different experience, a wonderful one, with your significant other.

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5 Reasons Why Fishing with Your Spouse Is a Brilliant Idea [PICS]