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5 Reasons Why Fishing with Kids is Awesome [PICS]

Fly Fishing the Smokies

Okay, there are way more than five reasons why fishing with kids is awesome. 

Fishing is something that everyone can do. It's relatively inexpensive to get started. A basic rod and reel can be purchased fairly cheaply, and most states offer at least one weekend of free fishing for kids.

Here my five favorite reasons why I love to fish with kids:

1. Fishing Teaches Patience.

1. Fishing Teaches Patience.
Fishing in Minnesota

In this fast-paced world everything can seem to be about instant gratification. Fishing teaches kids that patience pays off.

2. Fishing Teaches Safety.

2. Fishing Teaches Safety
Get Outside Sitka

Fishing provides a great opportunity to teach kids about safe behavior around hooks and water. These valuable lessons translate into all aspects of life.

3. The Whole Family Can Join the Fishing Fun.

3. The Whole Family Can Join the Fun.
Expert Agent

Fishing is a sport that the whole family can participate in. These times together are priceless moments that children will remember their entire lives.

5. Fishing Teaches Kids About the Food Chain.

5. Fishing Teaches The Food Chain
Arvids Fishing Report

Take a kid fishing, and he or she will learn that food does not come from the grocery store.

5. Fishing with Kids is Fun!

5. Fishing is Fun!
Seafishing Slovenia

This is my favorite reason. Even if nothing is caught, kids have a blast fishing. And if they do manage to land something, the smile they give is worth the world.

School's out for the summer! Get out on the water!



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5 Reasons Why Fishing with Kids is Awesome [PICS]