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5 Reasons Why Fishing Is Good For Your Health

Fishing is actually really good for your health.


No, seriously. While this may sound like an excuse some guy is making to his wife to let him skip something important to go chase fish on a Saturday, this is a legitimate claim to make. Fishing is a healthy activity, plain and simple.

Now, if you ever do need some help in convincing someone to let you go fishing (wife, mother-in-law, your kid whose dance recital you'll be missing) you can always bust out these tips to help your argument.

View the slideshow to see the reasons, and leave your own in the comments.

1. Exercise

Unless you're on a boat, fishing is great exercise. Wading through rivers and flinging flies or lures at fish for eight hours a day is actually pretty good aerobics. You're not going to lose weight doing it, but you'll improve your overall cardiovascular health.

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2. Low Impact Movement

Running is awesome and everything, but it really does a number on your knees. While steep hiking to streams or ponds might stress your knees also, most simple wading while fishing is incredibly low-impact.

You get all the benefits of moving around a lot without all the wear and tear on your joints.

3. Relaxation

Fishing calms your mind down, plain and simple. Being out in nature, away from the computer and your phone (unless you're using it for pictures!) lets your brain relax and focus on one simple task - catching fish.

Not to mention, sunlight and all the Vitamin D that comes with it are great health benefits to being outside with a fishing rod in hand.

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4. Dexterity

Fishing, especially fly-fishing, involves a lot of small and intricate movements. As you get older, some of these finer motor skills seem to deteriorate, but fishing can help them stay sharper longer. You'll also use a lot of muscles that don't normally get a lot of work when you're fishing, especially ones in your arms and back.

5. Fun

In the words of the immortal John Gierach, "Fun is something you can't measure."

Having fun, and just simply enjoying yourself, is a huge health benefit. Being and feeling happy is something that seems to be harder and harder to achieve these days, and taking time out of life to spend it fishing can work wonders for every area of your life.

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5 Reasons Why Fishing Is Good For Your Health