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5 Reasons Everyone Should Have A Hunting Mentor

Here are five reasons that hunting mentors are so important to our sport.

Many of us have been very gifted to have a positive influence or influences in our lives that have taught us the ways of the wild and the art of the hunt.

To these hunting mentors we are grateful, and we ourselves must become the hunting mentors to the next generation.

Here are the top five reasons why it’s so important to have a hunting mentor.

5. Learning opportunities

Our hunting mentors teach us lessons that are not available in any book. How can a book tell us how to recognize scents? This lesson and many others are what make us the successful hunters that we are today.

4. Birds of a feather


We are taught the importance of camaraderie, and the generosity fellow hunters show each other and the sport itself. We help out fellow hunters when and where we can, and in return we can count on them also.

3. We are taught sportsmanship

There’s no denying the principles that make us who we really are: responsible sportsmen and sportswomen that care deeply about the great outdoors.

2. Safety

First and foremost, our mentors impress this lesson on us at all times. Be sure of target, shoot straight and be humane to the game animals we hunt.

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1. Enjoyment

Enjoy the day out in the wilds and don’t get wrapped up in success. True success is being out in the great outdoors and away from the hum drum of modern society.

What are your favorite memories from your hunting mentors? Comment below.

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5 Reasons Everyone Should Have A Hunting Mentor